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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Europe-India Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The EUICCI Advisory Council is an advisory body that is a crucial and necessary voice of our organization, whose input helps reinvigorate and strengthen EUICCI and allow for further growth of advocacy efforts. The Board of Advisors plays a vital role in setting the policy agenda for the Chamber. The board's advisors represent large and small businesses from across the community who believe that the business community must lead the way in improving Europe-India's long-term business climate. The Advisory Board has the power to recommend and may, in justified cases, issue a recommendation for the Executive Director or the Executive Board. The members of the Ad-board also have an honorable function and are primarily composed of significant leaders and economic people from India & Europe.

Rajita Chaudhuri, Member

Dr. Rajita is the Hony. Dean at IoE. She is an acclaimed writer of many books and columns. Her columns have been getting great feedback from readers. She has been a professor of Business Communications at the Indian Institute of Planning and Management. Dr. Rajita won the award for the “Best Professor in Marketing” in 2010 at ‘Asia’s Best B-School Award’ function in Singapore. Dr. Rajita has beeen a speaker at the ‘World Brand Congress’ for the past two years. She heads the NGO ‘The Great Indian Dream Foundation’ which work in the areas of education, employment, health, and environment.

Shweta Shalini, Member

A serial entrepreneur, founder, investor, and mentor to Billenium Divas, a woman-focused Angel Fund. Shweta Shalini is a prominent voice in Indian media; she is based in Mumbai and served as an advisor to the chief minister's office of the Indian state "Maharastra" in the past. Currently serving as Executive director of Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation (MVSTF), a section 8 company of Government, she worked towards rural transformation in 1000 backward villages across the state. She is looking after political affairs in northern India and Advisor to Niti Ayog- the premier think tank of the Government of India.

Rajesh Mehta, Member

Rajesh Mehta has been active in Europe-India public policy & market entry space and has closely worked with prominent European organizations like Tekes, EBT Centre, Finpro, and IndoScandic Organization. He has been an advisor to org. like Infinite Sum Modelling & Red Fort Strategies and President (India) for IndoScandic Organization based out of Sweden, with over 22 years of international experience in Market Entry, Innovation, and Public Policy. He is a prolific writer who has written on many subjects for leading publications like The TOI, Financial Express, etc. He was also an Adviser to WASME(World Association of SMEs).

Chamber Of Commerce & Industry.
The EUICCI assists Companies, Governments, Academia and the Third Sector to maximise their interaction with International business environment & with the Start-Up Nations. Likewise, we help local organisations to access international markets.