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Consultants & Researchers


Consultants & Researchers

Europe-India Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EUICCI) is a non-governmental, public-interest organisation that promotes European and Indian trade and industries, both at home and abroad. We represent businesspeople’s interests before the domestic authorities and in their relationships with specialised foreign organisations. Its major goal-mission is “A Thriving Business Community”. EUICCI is the most robust business environment organization, bringing together industry and other bilateral chambers of commerce, some branch professional associations and companies. EUICCI has the expertise, experience, national and international connections to offer a wide range of services for business performance: organizing economic missions, training programs, seminars, or debates, providing valuable information from its databases, general financial data, economic and statistics studies.

EUICCI Consultants & Researchers
Consultants & Researchers are representatives of the business networking and consensus building within and across sectors who volunteer their time to contribute to the Europe-India Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s development. The Consultants & Researchers team meets once a month to discuss the strategic direction of the EUICCI to facilitate positive outcomes for everyone in our great business community platform.
Alina Vizireanu
Alina Vizireanu (Geospatial & IT Consultant)

Alina Vizireanu is Founder of Avinterra, Consultant for downstream space applications, human development and IT sectors. She is part of the Executive Board at Women+ in Geospatial CIC and Executive Committee Member at Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the UN, editor at British Cartographic Society, geospatial services and start-up advisor.

Abhishek Kumar (Europe Legal Expert)

Over 12 years of expertise in international legal affairs, handed with several prestigious awards from the various world legal fraternity, Mr. Abhishek Kumar has done BA Hons, LLB, GDL, LLM, Cemap. He runs his law firm in London and provides legal support to several international firms worldwide. He is responsible for the professional legal services of EUICCI and its associates.

Ogo Ogbata (Business Growth Evangelist)

Ọgọ (pronounced ‘or-gore’) is a Writer, Speaker, Creative and Communications Strategist. Founder/Director at Creativity and Sense Training and Consulting, she helps creative entrepreneurs in the service industry to fast track impact and profits through creative problem solving, Also featured as a guest expert on various BBC World Service programmes, The Independent, Live seminars.

Jagdish Chandra (Administrative Management)

Jagdish is the Executive Support for the Europe-India chamber of commerce & Industry. He is based in New Delhi, India and supports the Directors of the Business Leaders Council, Economics and Industry Policy and Trade and International Affairs. He has extensive experience in operations, practice and office management for a wide variety of organisations.

Greg Sauzet
Greg Sauzet (Goodwill Ambassador)

Greg Sauzet is a professional musician and songwriter from Poitiers, France. As a teenager, he discovered Indian Classical Music through recordings of Ravi Shankar, and he keeps on learning. Greg is for introducing different cultures and values through language and music. He provides french and english language courses, support to our individual and corporate members.

Laveesh Sharma
Laveesh Sharma (Business Analyst)

Laveesh is an international development professional and a research analyst with a history of working with institutions like the European Union and US-AID. Laveesh has collaborated with multiple stakeholders from government and international bodies ensuring fruitful outcomes. His work ranges from evaluating projects to assisting, developing policies around the world.

Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor (Art Curator)

As Senior Studio Art Consultant, He is responsible for; Art Craft leadership across New and Live Games studios, managing a team of 2 studio ADs, 5 project ADs and 25+ artists. A creative thinker, visual communicator, and graphic designer, As a 2D designer/illustrator, his goal is to create impactful experiences that aim to answer business, social, and environmental challenges.

Chamber Of Commerce & Industry.
The EUICCI assists Companies, Governments, Academia and the Third Sector to maximise their interaction with International business environment & with the Start-Up Nations. Likewise, we help local organisations to access international markets.