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The Europe-India chamber of commerce & Industry brings together companies from Europe and India focused on achieving the best for the community by identifying business opportunities and working together towards growth and development.
To become a part of our network, you must fill in the necessary documentation online by pressing “Become a member” below. Alternatively, you can also print it and send it via post or E-mail.E-Mail : contact@euicci.com

Post : Parc du Pont de Flandre, 11 Rue de Cambrai, 75019 Paris.

As a member, your business will benefit from the wide range of services we offer in our three main access levels listed below. Please note that customized services and services not included in the plans may be offered to our members on demand.

At the Corporate level, we are working with growth focused businesses that are looking for opportunities to be seen as experts in their fields and want to help build up the business community as a whole.

You have bold ideas and we want to help you bring them to life. Our Corporate Members have the wisdom to share and are ready to utilize their connections to influence positive change by telling their stories and the stories of others. Let us help you find the right place to plug in so you can lead by example and take your business to the next level. 


  • 1 Representative
  • Free Invite to EUICCI Events
  • Newsletter

For businesses in the early years of developing their network, this Start-Up tier is for you. Our Start-up Members are interested in networking opportunities and investing in their employees and themselves by attending professional and personal growth events.

They are looking to branch out, try new things, and gain traction in the community and within their business. We want to provide benefits that will help you make the right connections to grow your business, contacts, and potential. 


  • Upto 2 Representatives
  • Free Invite to EUICCI Events
  • Free Invite to Non- EUICCI Events
  • Newsletter

Our Association/Chamber tier helps businesses get involved in various capacities. Associate Members are ready to take the next steps toward community engagement and impact. They are doing this by getting involved in initiatives, participating in committees, and becoming aware of the issues and needs of our city.

They want to know how they can continue contributing and needs to thrive and grow. The benefits of this tier align with just that.

Our goal is to plug you in where you and your business can contribute to something bigger. 


Community and Support ; Reasons Why To Become A Member

a Community Events

EUICCI wants to make our people feel at home by offering support and holding annual community events. Members can bring their family and friends along and celebrate just the way they would at home.

a Corporate Social Responsibility

Furthermore, by joining EUICCI, our members are encouraged to support our local community. They will be guided on how they can repay the community through the EUICCI CSR Program.

a Advocacy

EUICCI is the voice for the EU-India Business Community. We aim to inform our members on changing government policies that will affect their business operations and address their needs and opinions to European and Indian governments.

a Committees

Members can join a panel of interest and actively participate in topic briefings and conferences and receive valuable information on their industry and area of interest. Popular committees include Advocacy, Digital IT Innovation, Education, Hospitality and Tourism, Legal, Manufacturing, Small Business & Entrepreneurs, and Women in Leadership.

a Promotions

The Chamber is an effective promotional channel whereby members, especially those undertaking B2B marketing, can promote their company, products and services. EUICCI offers a variety of cost-effective ways to increase your profile among the European business community in India and vice-versa.

a Resources

Access to publications, fact sheets, presentations, articles, videos, and links related to doing business in the region. Members are encouraged to contribute to our online communication channels and resources.


Information for Registration

The Chamber of Commerce would also like to receive your consent to use your personal data for the marketing purposes. Suppose you do not agree with the processing of personal data. In that case, your data will only be used for registration for a specific event and related operations, or for other purposes for which the consent is not required. You hereby grant your consent to the Europe-India Chamber of Commerce to the processing of your personal data, which you have provided in the registration form, for the purposes of sending you the information on next events, commercial offers, and other marketing material, and you agree, that the Chamber of Commerce will provide your personal data to its partners for these purposes. The consent is granted for a period of 5 years or until it is withdrawn. 

Chamber Of Commerce & Industry.
The EUICCI assists Companies, Governments, Academia and the Third Sector to maximise their interaction with International business environment & with the Start-Up Nations. Likewise, we help local organisations to access international markets.