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Trampled Boundaries: A Compelling Compilation of Asian Elephant Perspectives


In collaboration with Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky.

[Guwahati, 5th October, 2023] – This wildlife week, we are honoured to present “Trampled Boundaries: A Compilation of Unique Perspectives on Asian Elephants”.

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This captivating compilation, edited by Dr. AJT Jonhsingh and Dr. Naveen Pandey, delves deep into the intricate relationship between humanity and these majestic creatures. The Indian subcontinent's rich biodiversity has long captivated the imaginations of naturalists, conservationists, and scholars alike. At the heart of this biodiversity lie the Asian elephants, revered icons that have held sway over human cultures and religious practices for centuries. Their significance extends beyond mere ecological considerations, encompassing spiritual symbolism, economic dynamics, and a deep connection to the land.

“Trampled Boundaries” is more than just a book

It is a tapestry woven with stories, articles, research findings, and experiences by some of the most renowned conservationists from India and neighbouring countries.

Seasoned forest officers like S.S.Bist and Vinod Rishi; accomplished ecologists like Surendra Varma and Priya Davidar; and proficient conservation practitioners like Anand Kumar and Kedar Gore narrate elephantine history and conservation urgency.

Prolific writer Anwaruddin Choudhury and elephant-follower Avijan Saha paint a picture of elephants in northeast India, while you will see elephants of the Western Ghats in O. P. Nameer’s writings. Experts like Lakshminarayanan, Bivash Pandav and Parag Nigam highlight tribals’ challenges with elephants in Chattisgarh. Master storyteller Bittu Sahgal has wondered if no land was left for elephants in the Land of Ganesha.

These experts have dedicated their lives to understanding and safeguarding the Asian elephant, and their collective wisdom offers a panoramic view of the challenges and opportunities in elephant conservation.

The book’s contents are organised into two sections

The first featuring articles and case studies from India and the second from India’s neighbouring countries. Eminent conservationists Sonam Wangchuk, Anwarul Islam, and Jayantha Jayewardene have enriched the edited volume with sharp insights from Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, respectively. The articles within each section are listed alphabetically by the author’s first name, providing readers with a comprehensive look at the multifaceted aspects of Asian elephant conservation. Stunningly captivating images of elephants by Sanjay Shukla, Dhrtiman Mukherjee, Jitender Govindani, Rahul Boruah and many others will bring you much closer to the pachyderm.

While the book primarily focuses on the wild Asian elephant population

It also delves into the welfare of captive elephants, acknowledging their cultural and historical significance in India. Captive elephants have been used in religious and cultural events, tourism, and other activities, but their welfare, care, and treatment have raised concerns. Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky and Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan vividly capture captive elephants’ challenges and the need for their ethical treatment.

As we navigate an ever-changing world marked by urbanisation, habitat fragmentation, human-elephant conflicts, and poaching, “Trampled Boundaries” reminds us of the profound importance of Asian elephant conservation within the intricate landscape of the Indian subcontinent. It emphasises the urgent need for comprehensive approaches, collaborative efforts, and unwavering dedication to protecting these iconic beings.

This book is not just an academic endeavour but a call to action.

It is a testament to the shared responsibility we all hold to preserve the place of Asian elephants in our world. Whether you are a conservationist, a researcher, a student, or simply someone fascinated by the mesmerising world of elephants, “Trampled Boundaries”, supported by the International Elephant Foundation’s project in Kaziranga, is a must-read.

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