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Innovations And Startup Community

The EUICCI supports the launch and growth of innovative ventures in the Europe India region by connecting entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and the business community.

Talent Acquisition

The EUICCI created the Talent Acquisition department in response to a need to attract the best and brightest workers from across Europe, India, and the world, while retaining the talent already studying and working here. From all the possible projects to popular ones, the EUICCI has so much to offer.

Leadership Development

The program is a professional development opportunity for men and women who are both acknowledged and aspiring leaders. The Leadership program enables us to build strong relationships with businesses, community leaders and empower them to create the positive change needed to improve our region’s quality of life.

Workforce Innovation

Our key work areas involve implementing initiatives, programs, and events to serve as the business voice throughout the education pipeline. We spend a good amount of our time out in the community, connecting with startups, talking with corporate innovation leaders, meeting with investors and making connections where possible.

Talent Connections

Our Connection initiative connects companies in need of immediate temporary workers with talent looking for work due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are hunting companies looking to hire for open positions rapidly and provide up-to-date information relating to State and Federal assistance programs.

Community Development

We work to create opportunities, programs and partnerships to improve the knowledge and commitment of EUICCI’s business leaders and citizens. This division recognizes the outstanding achievements of businesses and individuals who make a difference in our community.

Economic Development

The well-being of a community depends mainly on its economic health, and the EUICCI is committed to enhancing prosperity through economic development and job-creation efforts. Our strategies to build on regional strengths, focusing on supporting businesses and industries to make long-term investments in Europe-India.


We execute several significant annual events providing our members with experiential marketing opportunities. Investing in a yearly Chamber event affords your business to place before the entire membership for the duration of event promotion, ultimately culminating in authentic interaction with your company and brand at the event itself.

Sustainability Policy

Environmental, Social and Economic

EUICCI strives to be a very inclusive environment. Such goal is reached through:

Environmental sustainability to raising awareness for more environmentally sustainable solutions applies to specific situations.

Social sustainability for work-life balance fosters the well-being, societal impact of the activities undertaken to minimize the likelihood of causing unforeseen harm.

What We Stand For

Ready to start your international trade journey?

We are strategic thinkers with bold ideas. We are catalysts for positive community change and push boundaries with creative solutions.

EUICCI’s long-term vision is to ensure a unified voice for, and thus suitable action on behalf of, European & Indian startups and scaleups. We provide space for international startup associations to share best practices to ensure other startup ecosystems don’t repeat their mistakes and vice versa. We endorse a Digital Single Market and tangible, necessary steps taken toward such ambition. We take concrete action to ensure that startups and scaleups have paths to scale; access to funding, opportunities to share best practices, and the right connections with corporations looking to innovate and investors searching to expand their portfolios, among other activities. We help our members help their startups at national and local levels. We help our policymakers do so at a legislative level.

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    Chamber Of Commerce & Industry.
    The EUICCI assists Companies, Governments, Academia and the Third Sector to maximise their interaction with International business environment & with the Start-Up Nations. Likewise, we help local organisations to access international markets.