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Initiatives & Programs


Initiatives & Programs

Expand Your Customer Base

While Executing Business Contacts EUICCI Hosts Business After Hours, Tradeshows, Ribbon Cuttings, Membership Appreciation Events, and Monthly Luncheons that are designed to give our members access to market connections while expanding their client base. With over 39 events yearly, we provide your company with marketing and networking opportunities that are intended to improve your business and the economy.


Luncheons are held at several locations and host relevant speakers, up-to-date topics, delicious food, and significant associations!

Business After Hours

You can stay for 30 minutes or experience the entire two hours of our networking event. Get out there! Provide people the chance to get to know you so they want to do business with you.


Suppose you’ve ever wanted to host a Business After Hours but haven’t been able to. In that case, this is your turn! EUICCI Tradeshows allow YOU to promote yourself in a fun, engaging, and relaxing atmosphere!

Business Leaders Committee 

This serves as an outreach between the Chamber and Business owners in the association, providing opportunities to take part in seminars and workshops.

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Chamber Of Commerce & Industry.
The EUICCI assists Companies, Governments, Academia and the Third Sector to maximise their interaction with International business environment & with the Start-Up Nations. Likewise, we help local organisations to access international markets.